Pitch (10 point)

Edit: This is also our January Game! We played it on January 9 at Barb’s house, and we’ll play one more time January 23 at Connie’s house.

Our December game is 10-point Pitch! On December 5th we will play at Sandi F’s.

This video provides a good overview and sample game:

The only difference to note is the distinction between the high and low joker. Instead of marking the cards, the first joker played in a round is the high joker. The other is the low joker.

For convenience, here is the list of point cards from the trump suit in rank order:

Jick (other Jack same color as trump)
High Joker (first Joker played in round)
Low Joker
Three (counts for 3 points)
Two (kept by who plays it)

Despite not being point cards, the King and the Queen do outrank the Jack for taking tricks.

Depending on how many people are at the meeting, we may need to play a 6-person variant. The big difference is how the cards are dealt. With six players, deal out 8 to each player. After bidding, the winner of the bid may look through the extra 6 cards before declaring trump. The bid winner is the only person who gets to draw from those extra cards, and everyone must still discard down to 6 for playing.

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